How to Prepare for your First Date - 7 Things you cannot Forget

We've all been there: you've been writing with someone for a long time and you finally arranged a date. Now, the day of the date has arrived and you're starting to get nervous. What if I'm doing something wrong? What if we don't find anything to talk about? What if he/she doesn't like me?

Of course, there is no bulletproof way to ensure every date goes well, but by following our checklist of 7 things to always do before a date you'll increase your chances of success by 99%. Let's get started.

1. Make sure you're well-rested before a date

This might sound insignificant but hear me out: everyone is nervous before a date and especially the last hours before you finally meet the person that might even become your new boy-/girlfriend you want to be as calm as possible.

It is a well-known fact that your mind doesn't work 100% when lacking sleep. This effect is similar to being drunk; and you wouldn't go to your first date being drunk, would you?

It is important to stay relaxed and be as self-confident as possible. This is why I usually recommend putting first-dates on weekends - this way you can sleep enough and you're well-rested before your date.

2. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and that are appropriate

Before you continue reading, I need to emphasize that I do not recommend going to a date in sweatpants and a stained t-shirt just because you feel comfortable wearing it

What I mean by this, is that you shouldn't go to a date wearing a jacket and leather shoes if you usually walk around in sneakers and t-shirts. If you go to a fancy cocktail bar though consider wearing something fancy as well - if not a jacket, then at least a nice shirt and long trousers.

Don't try to come across as somebody else. Always be yourself - especially when it comes to clothing choices. It will not only make you feel more comfortable during your date, but it will also make you feel much more self-confident.

3. Prepare a few open questions - just in case you lack conversation material

We've talked about open questions before in our blog. You can read more about them in our article about how to talk to strangers.

We usually don't recommend spending time or even dating people with whom you cannot relate or hold conversations for long. The main reason for this is, that if you two get together you will most likely spend a lot of time together. This is why it's very important to be able to talk to your partner seemingly forever.

If you do run out of things to talk about don't worry though - this can happen, especially on your first date. Just prepare a few open questions you can ask at any given time to make the conversation continue and prevent awkward silences. 

4. Watch your hygiene and use perfume

One of the biggest turn-offs, not only for dates but also for any social gathering, is bad body hygiene. If you smell or have greasy hair you'll scare away everyone, no matter how attached they feel to you.

This is why I always recommend taking a shower at least 24 hours before your date. Also, make sure you have a nice haircut, wear something nice and brush your teeth. Having things stuck between your teeth or bad breath is another major turn off you have to avoid.

I'd also recommend using perfume (in addition to deodorant, I don't know why there are people thinking that perfume can be used as a substitute for deodorant). Make sure not to use too much perfume though, as this can come across as distracting.

Here are some men-perfumes I regularly use and enjoy:

Also, make sure to shave properly before your date. Nobody likes those creepy half-grown mustaches or those four single hairs hanging from your chin. You might think it looks kinda cool, but to be honest, everybody else doesn't. 

5. Ask him/her about food preferences

Especially if you go out for lunch or even schedule a romantic dinner, it's key to know your partners' food preferences. You can easily ask this by simply asking "What's your favorite meal", "What kind of food do you prefer? Chinese? Mexican?" or "Are you a vegetarian?". 

It is important to ask your partner about food preferences not only to not accidentally visit a steakhouse if he/she is a vegetarian but also to ensure you both have an awesome experience on your first date (and we all know that love goes through the stomach). Asking questions like this will ensure you'll be able to choose an awesome place which both of you will enjoy.

6. Make sure you bring enough money with you

Obviously, you don't want your romantic date to turn into an embarrassing situation - therefore make sure to always bring enough money. We don't suggest you pay for everything on your date but it's important that you, no matter whether you're male or female, at least bring enough money to pay half the price of whatever activity you're doing on your date. 

If you want to, you can impress your date by offering to pay for their part as well. Don't do this though, if you're short on cash. You don't want to come across as generous, just so your date later realizes you're broke as f*ck. Be honest about everything and don't make things up. Especially not about your financial situation.

7. Practice smiling to create a great impression on your first date

Smiling is a really important thing to do, not only in everyday situations but especially on dates. Some say:

A smile is the best possible makeup you can wear.

And this applies to boys as well. Smiling makes seem you much more confident and makes you come across much friendlier. For most of us, it's quite hard to just smile without any reason without looking creepy. Practice makes perfect, so stand in front of your mirror and think of a situation where you might want to use a smile. If you don't like how you look, practice until you feel self-confident with it. If you find a "smiling style" you particularly enjoy stick with it throughout the date.