How to STOP Wasting your LIFE - Change these things Now!

Yes, you read that right. This is the ultimate guide to finally stop wasting your life. Too many of us are wasting their life and just realize what they've done when it's already too late. But it's not too late for you, are you ready to learn how you can stop wasting your life? I hope so.

9 signs you're wasting your life

First things first, am I even wasting my life? If you answer just one of the following questions with "yes", unfortunately, you are.

  1. Are you surrounding yourself with the wrong people?
  2. Are you complaining a lot?
  3. Are you living a life you don't really like at all?
  4. Did you ever wish to be another person?
  5. Are you chasing momentary happiness or monetary goods?
  6. Are you addicted to your phone?
  7. Do you hesitate to ask for help?
  8. Do you spend money on things that don't really matter?
  9. Are you lacking sleep because you're too busy?

Your life is too precious to waste - especially when you're young

I'd like to start off with a more personal example here. I'm currently twenty years old. I enjoy my job and I fully enjoy myself yet I still have the feeling sometimes that I could do better and spend more time with friends than on my phone for example.

One day, I decided to install a usage-time tracking app on my phone, just to see how much time I was spending every day on my phone and I was blown away.

Apparently, somehow I managed to spend over 4 hours every day (and even more on the weekends) on my phone. 4 Hours? That doesn't sound like a lot, right? Wrong. If you do the calculations you'll see what I mean pretty quickly.

4 hours a day equals to 28 hours per week (or a bit more than ONE DAY!!!). Even worse, 28 per week adds up to a mind-blowing 60 days each year spent on the phone. That's ridiculous, right? And I was doing this calculation with 4 hours only. That's my low-average and many people spend even more time on their phones each day.

60 full days (or 90, if we consider that we sleep about ⅓ of the time), that I could have spent with my friends and family. Now that's some wasted time. Especially if this time is mostly spent on social media.

Many people hate their jobs and that's even worse

In the above section, we did a calculation based on 4 hours a day, wasted on social media. Now multiply that number by a factor of 2 and you quickly see how much time of your life would be wasted if you disliked your daily 8-hour job (actually it's a bit less if we consider weekends, but then again, I'm just trying to make a point here). About 4 months of our life wasted each year, with an activity we don't enjoy. And you know what? No money in the world will buy you that time back.

If you're only living for weekends and holidays you are wasting your life.

The problem is, you think you have time, when in fact, you don't.

Let's change that: Here's how you can stop wasting your life immediately and start living a great life

Wouldn't it be nice if you woke up in the morning, no matter whether it's Monday or Saturday, and you just felt great? You can! Simply by having something to look forward to. This could be anything. Working on a project you're enjoying, waking up next to your amazing boy- or girlfriend or even just having a plan for the future.

You need to find a job, no matter how much you get paid, that makes you happy. A job, where you wouldn't even care if it was Monday or Friday. A job, that makes you feel like you're important and a job, where you can flourish creatively.

Also, make sure you have a lot of hobbies that "distract" you or better prevent you from wasting a single second on other things. This way you'll always have something to do that you really enjoy as a substitute for your daily waste of time.

And by the way: Happiness is a choice. But it ain't easy, you'll have to work hard. Look inside yourself and do the things that truly make you happy and not the ones that are supposed to be best for your future.

You probably hear this sentence a lot: "You only live once". We all know this philosophy and we all think we live by it but you're probably wrong. If you're still reading you most likely know that you could do better; that you could be happier. Just don't be a zombie, wake up! Yes, you are going to die one day but it seems as if we all just ignored that until we're too old or we're struck by disease.

Simply the fact that you will actually die one day and never ever be around anymoreshould be motivation enough to pull yourself together and start changing your life right now

So please, don't waste your time with stuff that makes you unhappy. Time is much more valuable than money and you'll never get it back.