6 Easy Ways to Become More Popuplar

People are always excited to get recognized; not just within their social circle; rather on the bigger grounds. But not everyone succeeds to achieve this target and most of the time; it is just because they do not follow the right technique to mark their presence around.

It is a proven fact that one cannot gain real popularity by faking their identity or acts. The actual impact is created by the mindsets and behaviors of an individual. Your charisma is set by what you say and what you do. I've gone through impressive swings in popularity throughout my life, and there were some solid reasons behind this. Below I have highlighted a few of them so that you can also follow those tricks to capture audience attention in your life as well:

1) Focus on your sub communication:

First of all, it is important to pay more attention to your sub-communication. It is all about having a firm belief in what you say. When your actions and statements are powered from the same thoughts, you can naturally feel more confident. By feeling more confident you automatically bring come across as more natural which in return makes you seem much more popular.

2) Slow down your speed of talking

While communicating with others, don’t hurry up; otherwise, it will destroy your style of communication. Whether it is a debate or some group discussion, make sure you are on normal pace and your story is understood by all. Conviction makes others feel that your content or videos are worth listening to. Also, when you develop a habit of slowing down, it will also give you more time to add some noticeable elements to your conversation.

You might have experienced this already before when talking to a friend who talks really fast. It can come across as if the person talking to you just want to get rid of what they're saying as fast as possible which is usually something that salespeople do, hence we subconsciously ignore it.

3) Hold eye contact when talking to others

Another thing to make your content appear more valuable to the audience is doing eye contact when talking; especially when you are discussing some strong points of your argument. It is a fact, that eye contact is the most important part of your body gestures because it makes listeners develop a natural interest in whatever you are saying. 

This is because eye contact indicates that you are focused and paying attention. Holding eye contact is also really helpful to symbolize that you're truly listening to what others say. We've talked about eye contact a lot lately. For instance, in our guide to flirting or in this post, explaining how to manipulate others.

4) Become a more honest person

It's important to understand that eventually, every secret will come out and that truth cannot be hidden forever. Hence, when you want to gain popularity, it's best to follow an honest approach. Don't talk out any secrets your best friend told you in private and also don't talk bad about others just because they're not there at the moment. By simply believing in whatever you say you can already boost your confidence level and naturally boost your popularity. 

People will also recognize your honesty and will in return talk to you much opener than before which is the first step to make a lot of friends.

5) Be non-judgemental

People don't like to be criticized. We talked about this a lot lately, for instance in this article of ours about improving your dating game in 5 easy steps. People hate to be criticized. Most of the time, people realize themselves when they've messed up and we all don't like others telling us where we did a mistake or where we made a wrong decision.

It's really important to consider everyone as equally important and develop a balanced mindset for every situation. If you stop being judgemental you will start cultivating a brand new mindset that will help you to build better connections in any social setting.

6) Make good friends - not many

It seems weird, doesn't it? All the popular kids have tons of friends, right?

Wrong. In fact, it's best to have just a few friends and focus on building a healthy social circle. It's much better for you to associate with a few good people who leave a positive impact on your life than with many people who you all barely know.

A good social circle can help you to easily get amazing job offers or even introduce you to the love of your life. People need to understand that just having many friends won't make you feel any happier than before. This can be compared to thinking, that material goods, such as the newest iPhone, doesn't make one truly happy.