Follow these 5 steps and get your dating game to the next level

As soon as one hears the word attractive the first thing that comes to mind is physical attractiveness. While looks are indeed important for many of us, they are certainly not the most important trait, or not even important at all to some of us, when it comes to dating. 

5. Be euphoric (all the time) 🤩

Yes, you read that one right. Be euphoric. All. The. Time.

Why? Let's make this easy thought experiment. Imagine sitting in a doctor's waiting room with two other people. You say "hi", as you enter the room. One person mumbles some inaudible stuff towards your direction while the other person sympathetically replies with a "Good Morning!". Who would you rather talk to? Who made a better first impression on you?

Now, of course, this may be a dramatized example and will also most likely never occur in real life but I think you get the point.

Euphoric people are naturally more pleasant to be around and will give you a better feeling when you're around them, so of course, you'll want to spend more time with them.

Being euphoric all the time has also another major benefit: It will make you a happier person in general, making life not just for your friends but also for yourself a much more pleasant experience.

4. Be a good listener 😴

Every single person on this planet and I'm literally talking about every person you already know or will somehow meet in your entire life, loves to talk about themselves. And who doesn't love to spend time with a good listener? That's right, everybody loves to have somebody who listens to them emphatically.

Now you might say "Well I'm already a good listener", and while this may be true it's most likely not. Most of us don't actually listen emphatically to what the other person says. Instead we usually just act, as if we were truly interested in what the person just told us. Have you ever prepared your next sentence while the person you're talking to was still talking? If so, then you weren't empathically listening to your partner, but rather preparing yourself to talk about what you want instead.

Be more careful when having a conversation next time and try to truly listen to your friend or colleague. It will work like a charm.

3. Don't criticize, point out good things instead 🤬

I cannot emphasize how important this point is. Do not criticize anyone. Why? Because criticizing your friends and colleagues will most of the time just end up in one of these 3 results:

  • You're having an argument
  • They "accept" the criticism but in fact, deny it
  • They just don't listen to you

It's so easy to criticize other people and to be honest: we'd usually rather tell what's bad about a person than what's good. It's really hard for most of us to give just a single honest compliment. Criticism only creates distance, spreads negative feelings and causes arguments, tensions and may even break friendships.

I've linked a great article about why you shouldn't be criticizing people: to the article.

2. Have a positive attitude and enjoy the small things in life. 🥰

I cannot stress this enough but having a positive attitude in general and enjoying the tiniest of things in life is literally an essential personality trait! Unsurprisingly, those people who live life with a positive attitude succeed way better in attracting people around them than those who don't. Start by finding happiness in the smallest things in your life and don't take anything for granted. You'll be surprised at how great this will make you feel and it will also make you way more attractive to people.

1. Live life with confidence 😊

Confidence is the most attractive personality trait one can have. And if you think you're confident think again: there is no upper limit to confidence. You can always improve - there is always something you'd not be brave enough to do right now.

Overstep your boundaries by doing small challenges throughout the day. Starting at "talking to a stranger on the bus" ending with things like "singing in public". 

Find friends who can boost your confidence and find out what makes you insecure at the moment and start working on it.

You can do everything you want when you're really trying your best. And that's attractive as hell!