5 psychological tricks that will make everyone like you instantly

Nobody can truly tell exactly why you like somebody or why not. It may be their looks, their smile, their way of talking to you or even just the way their nose looks.

Generally speaking though, we can rule out a few key factors that make you draw other persons towards you. We listed 7 of the most important factors, that make people feel attracted to you in this post.

5. You act like your 5 closest friends 💃

This one is easy and quick to understand. Us humans love to copy others, especially other humans we like. That's why you and everybody else is usually pretty similar to the 5 friends he spends the most time with. 

If you want to be more like a certain person just start spending more time with him / her or hang out with people that are like said person.

Also (just a quick side note), spend more time with the people you'd like to befriend. This works especially good if you're working together or going to the same school. Just hang around nearby (they will notice sooner or later).

4. Compliment other people (and not just looks) 💕

Now we're talking about a phenomenon called spontaneous trait transference. This phenomenon describes the fact, that people generally speaking will associate the adjectives, you use to describe others, with your personality. This can result in astonishing results and it's so easy to implement into your daily life.

Start easy by thinking of one nice thing to say to a person that you maybe don't compliment that often or even at all. Think of something that the person will actually appreciate. Don't say something like "you look good today", as it's obviously really superficial and it could easily be misunderstood as sarcastic.

Say instead something like "I really like this shirt, it suits you well" (if you want to stay superficial, or even better: talk about something you know the other person is really engaged in (eg. maybe the person has recently started working out or maybe he/she is a really passionated drawer).

3. Find shared values and emphasize them 🤝

It is common knowledge that we're naturally more attracted to people that are similar to us. That's why you shouldn't just look for common values and keep them for yourself. Instead, try to emphasize them by bringing them on the side of a good conversation. This will make the other person subconsciously think that you two more alike than originally thought.

By the way: If you struggle to find common values try this: copy the person you're with by mirroring their behavior. Obviously, we don't mean the childish "copying every word the other person says to annoy them"-thing. Try to copy things such as gestures and facial expressions. And generally, smile more (that's a bonus tip).

2. Use your body(-language) in conversations 🤜🤛

This one works just amazing. And I can tell you, that you might not have ever heard of this or read about this trick ever before as I have also just recently found out.

We all know that body language is key to having a good conversation. But what many of us forget, is that we still can use our bodies much more besides small hand gestures or smiles.

I'm talking about small subtle touches during your conversation - for example, laying your arm across your partner's shoulders for a second or even just a microsecond. Or if you don't know the person all too much try it by giving first-bumps or high-fives when meeting them or even small (obviously not painful) hits to the arms when teasing them.

This shows that you're an easy & chill person to be around who isn't afraid of human interactions. (and yes, this sounds weird but it's a bigger deal than you think).

1. Tell them a secret (it doesn't have to be a big one) 🤫

This may be one of the best relationship-building techniques. Telling your colleagues a secret, even if it's a small one, gives your friends a feeling of importance. It makes them feel much closer to you and will also most likely lead to them telling you their (deepest) secrets.


NEVER EVER tell a friend or colleague a secret that somebody else entrusted you. This has the opposite effect of making you look like a liar or somebody one cannot trust. Even if it's a common enemy you'll make the other person subconsciously think that they cannot fully trust you (any-)more.